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As owner of a full-service construction, insurance repair and maintenance company, Steve Ostrander understands the importance of staying in contact…with homeowners, company officials, insurance companies and the industry at large. Two decades of experience with all aspects of construction, doing blueprint take-offs and managing a 20-million dollar building materials operation taught Steve the importance of understanding all aspects of a structure and how one project affects other aspects of a home or building. His vision became Expert Property Services – to help consumers and companies when there’s an emergency and every day.

Steve believes professionalism isn’t just for people who work in offices and insists on several standards of conduct and presentation at every point and level of the services that EPS provides for every employee, partner and subcontractor. He believes professionalism and service go hand in hand to create the trust for long-term and multi-project relationships with all of EPS’s clients. A former real estate appraiser, Steve helps homeowners make choices that enhance enjoyment of their home now and its value long term.

Educating clients and team members from what to expect to what can go wrong throughout the process of a project is critical to Steve. While he loves the “teaching” aspect of running his company and doing business, he also thrives on what he calls “the constant learning curve of construction.” Standards, codes, manufacturer installation requirements and even materials change frequently and he enjoys keeping himself and his customers up to date on all fronts.


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