Insurance Claim Assistance

Insurance Claim Assistance

Your own advocate….

Needing to call your insurance company means something unfortunate has happened.  Expert Property Services is your advocate and partner in getting your property back to normal as soon as possible.

Less Stress:  Insurance settlements can be daunting.  We understand your situation and we’re experts at navigating the claims process.  We respect your privacy and the need to complete the repair and recovery process as quickly as possible.  We’ll help you save time and hassle.

Accurate Information:  Assessing damage can be difficult for the untrained eye.  Expert Property Services will conduct an inspection identical to that which your insurance adjustor will perform, so you’ll have a “second opinion” right from the beginning.  Tap into our years of experience and ongoing training to make sure you get all the benefits you’re entitled to.

First Steps:

  • Contact your insurance company and get a claim number.
  • Contact Expert Property Services and you will be assigned your own representative.
  • An insurance adjustor will contact you to schedule an inspection of the damages you’ve incurred.
  • Call your EPS representative at 877-427-8676 to coordinate our inspection on your behalf to ensure all the property damage has been noted and assist you in making sure your claim is fairly compensated.

Expert Property Services will help you account for everything to include in your claim – beyond just the structure of your property.  Your EPS representative will go through your scenario and arm you with your own damage assessment with full documentation of primary and collateral damage.

Call us at 877.427.8676 to reach our team.  We’re here to help you get from turmoil back to normal.